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Week 7 - My Master Life Plan
Posted on July 14, 2017 by Kelsey Ervi

Hey followers,

I embarked on this adventure as an Intern with hopes that I would get by with minimal abrasions and leave WaterTower without being on someone’s s**t list*. After seven weeks, I think I’m doing a pretty okay job because Joanie said, “I’ll miss you!” to me when I left for Austin for the weekend. I think we might be best friends? More on that later.

One of the good things about my internship is that it has morphed into a new escapade. Since Joanie returned from the TCG Conference to lead WaterTower’s artistic mission, there have been opportunities for me to branch out and experience other areas of the organization. I looked into hanging lights with our Master Electrician, but I get crazy vertigo when I’m in high places. I thought about helping the production department with scenic build, but I can’t do a push up (yet) so the heavy lifting would be problematic. And as we learned a few weeks ago, my week-long experience in leading an artistic staff didn’t pan out, so I had to take my talents elsewhere. This being said, I’m thrilled to share the news that this week I accepted a position at WaterTower as a Front of House Associate!

I’m super excited because I’m two months out of college and my master life plan has been going pretty well:

Step One: Apply for internship
Step Two: Woo Kelsey with my phone interviewing skills #Diction #CrackJokes
Step Three: Accept internship, move to Dallas, and get a toll tag
Step Four: Be nice and tell people you like their shoes
Step Five: Hope internship can turn into real job
Step Six: Apply for real job within the Company
Step Seven: Woo Kyle and Kayla in interview for said job #EyeContact #CrackJokes #ReciteAlphabetBackwards
Step Eight: Accept real job, befriend the ticketing software, and begin scheming next life move

We’re nearing the end of week two of Hit the Wall and there’s some good stuff cookin’ in the rehearsal room. This week, we’ve been doing group movement exercises because (spoiler) there is a club dance scene in the play. We’ve also been learning some fight choreography because (spoiler) there is a riot in the play. Joanie is a very talented director and I feel like I’m becoming a talented assistant director by osmosis.

Also! I’m not the only blogger in town, there’s a new weekly vlog that my friend (and Hit the Wall cast member) Joshua Gonzales is doing called “Running Riot” which will come out every Wednesday for the next seven weeks. Thanks to our friends at Broadway World for partnering with us! You should watch the vlog and then in the comments encourage Kelsey to let me make my blog a musical vlog. Because musicals are the #future.

This has been a good week for Tiff the Intern and also a good week for Tiff the Box Office Girl. I’m excited to work here for longer than the summer because the people are cool and the art is #life.

Thank you for reading this blog.
Do you like blogs?
If you want to write a blog, you should just do it.
Happy Summer!


*A s**t list is a list of people who sort of suck. My list includes, but is not limited to:

  • My 6th grade history teacher
  • People who are mean to our Box Office Manager
  • People who suggest “fidget spinners” at an improv show
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WEEK 5/6 - Did You Miss Me?
Posted on July 7, 2017 by Kelsey Ervi

Hello, Bloggers of America!

I have missed you so. It’s crazy to think that after being an Intern for only six weeks this blog has gained so much traction. I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from followers and fans all over the world! Special thanks to Steve Harvey for mentioning my work on your show Little Big Shots. It’s been a real honor to see my blog affect the lives of so many people, both locally and internationally. I went home last week to see family and friends and my sister actually said, “You write a blog?” I was glad to witness her investment in my craft. #ThanksToni

I have pitched to Kelsey Leigh Ervi, aka one of my bosswomen, to see if I could change the form of my blog into a musical style vlog. So far the answer is no, but I’ll keep working on her. I see a lot of potential in the idea because I was first chair for Alto 2 in my 7th grade UIL choir competition.

Things at WaterTower have been going really well, especially for my love life. I won’t lie. Things have been getting a little steamy ever since the script library was digitized. I am so glad to be out of that relationship with the Xerox scanner because he was super rude after a while. So there’s this new guy. Wow. He’s sweet and soft. He’s an amazing listener; it’s like all he wants to do is listen to me talk. He always says exactly what I need to hear. His mustache is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And I’m a sucker for hats. #hats #donttellmyactualhumanboyfriend

After everything that’s happened so far this summer, I feel like my work as an Intern is really starting to pay off. I have BIG news! I’ve finally found a home in my new-new office. It’s a large room about the size of a rehearsal space with lots of tables and chairs that I added for a decorative flair. The official-people-who-are-super-in-charge-of-everything figured since there wasn’t anywhere else for me in the building to have a computer, they would promote me to an office that suited me, the Artistic Intern, properly. It’s a great space for thinking and I’ve got TWO windows, TWO doors, and a freakin’ projector! I also have mirrors, a whiteboard, some speakers. It’s truly a queen’s life that I’m living now. So, if anyone needs me from now on, I’ll be in my HUGE INTERN OFFICE THAT IS 100% MINE AND NO ONE ELSE’S.

This week, we started rehearsals for Hit the Wall, which is being directed by Joanie Schultz! It’s her first production at WaterTower and in Dallas, which is super cool and exciting. Rehearsals kicked off on Wednesday with a meet n’ greet with the cast and creative team. There were refreshments and a cheese spread in the Lobby. I made sure not to double dip, out of respect for my new colleagues. This is my first professional production to work on, but nobody can tell. I’m blending in nicely. I made a few references to Vine and fidget spinners, and everyone responds with blank stares. But I think that’s a good sign because it means I’m challenging our ensemble and asking some good questions. #ART

One of the fun parts of my internship is that I get to help Kyle Eric Bradford with the dramaturgical research for the play. Dramaturgy* is the process of Google-ing things and reading information on Wikipedia to try and understand what people are talking about. It also includes being informed about theatre history and the structure of plays, and being able to talk about “how things work.” You tend to use a lot of fancy phrases like “The play sets this up for us” or “The playwright was trying to do this” or “I’ve never actually read Julius Caesar, I hope nobody finds out.” During my research, I’ve fallen down many internet holes, including the castration of young Roman men, listening to Judy Garland sing “Over the Rainbow” while getting misty in my car, and reading up on a lot of legislation discriminating against the LGBTQ community, which also caused me to get misty in my car. *For a more official definition of dramaturgy, you can reference a dictionary, but honestly I’ve given you a pretty accurate description.

I’m excited for rehearsals to continue, and for the opportunity to find out more about how Joanie learned to be a wizard. More on that later.

Things I learned this week:

  • This is the Song of the Summer.
  • 11:30 PM is dinnertime.
  • I bought a fidget spinner and I totally understand now.
  • Doing a play calls for long days.
  • Gluten free macaroni and cheese is not bad.

Love u.
See ya.


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WEEK 4 - A Completely True Story of How I Saved Joanie’s Life
Posted on June 23, 2017 by Kelsey Ervi

First off, I want to say thank you to anyone who actually clicks the link and reads this blog. Last weekend during our Season Auditions, I had so many actors coming up to me saying things like “Are you the Intern with the blog?” and I can only hope that years from now after my DFW career blossoms, people will remember me as the girl with the blog that one summer. #internfamous

Second, this week I finished scanning every unbound printed copy of a play or musical this theatre has ever seen! They’ve all be sent into the ether now. So if the server crashes then all the scripts are gone forever…but you didn’t hear it from me. #trustissueswiththeserver

This means I had to end things with the Xerox scanner and he did not take it well. Our fling was fun, but to be honest I already have a boyfriend and I just didn’t see this thing going any further than a few weeks. I told him it’s not him, it’s me, and that we could still be friends, although he’s giving me the silent treatment so we’ll see if a friendship is in our future. #friendzone

Last thing to report from this week is that Joanie almost died. But do not fear because this story has a happy ending.

“How did that happen?” one might ask. Well…

It was a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon and Joanie, Kelsey, and I were strolling down the street looking at all the plants and flowers. We were skipping and holding hands and singing Mamma Mia together when suddenly a Robber appeared! He said, “Give me your money!” And we said, “We work in theatre!” He replied, “Oh. Then you have no money. Well never mind then.” But before we could get away the Robber yelled, “Joanie, eat this bowl of Torchy’s queso or I’ll burn the place down!!”

Kelsey and I looked at eachother and then looked at Joanie, who looked back at us and then at the Robber. The Robber looked at Joanie and then at the queso, who wondered if his life would be spared today. Then I looked at the sky, and then back down to Joanie, who looked left then right, did a spin, and looked back at the Robber.

It was all very dramatic and confusing.

Kelsey finally broke the tension and said, “Go ahead, Joanie. Torchy’s queso is really good! It’s a Texas thing. Trust me, you’ll love it!” Joanie tentatively approached the queso – excited because she was hungry, but a little weary because she was eating queso from a Robber. She slowly took a bite. Things seemed fine. Then she took a few more bites and looked pleased. She rejoiced, “I love Texas, ya’ll!” and immediately donned her cowboy hat and started singing “The Eyes of Texas.” Kelsey, the Robber, and I joined her in song.

Then suddenly, Joanie stopped singing and said, “Wait, what’s in this queso?”

We all laughed and said, “Cheese. DUH!” (Hahahaha. People from Chicago, am I right??) then Joanie responded dryly, “But, like, what else?”

“There’s cilantro and guacamole,” Kelsey answered.

At that moment, time and space started moving in slow motion as Joanie proceeded to tell us that she is deathly allergic to avocados.

We all nervously laughed, and said, “Uh. So… what happens now?”
“Do you need an EpiPen?” asked Kelsey.
“Do you need mouth-to-mouth?” asked the Robber. I hit him on the arm and said, “She has a husband weirdo! Back off!”

Then Joanie said, “Umm, well maybe we can wait and see? I haven’t had an avocado in like eight years.” This was good news. The allergy was unpredictable.

 “Wait!” I exclaimed. “I have some Benadryl in my purse! I’m a crazy hypochondriac and even though I have no real allergies I keep Benadryl and Pepto-Bismol and all sorts of pills in my purse just in case!”

I got the medicine out and Joanie popped one of the pink pills from my purse. Then, everyone cheered and lifted me up in the air singing, “For she’s a jolly good fellow!” We were so relieved and thankful that Joanie didn’t die. So much so that the Robber gave us each $100,000 for our troubles and then went about his way. #thanksrobber

From saving lives to scanning scripts to doing a lot of research for Hit the Wall, the final show in out 2016-2017 Season, I guess it’s been a good week as an Intern. I’m wishing a happy closing weekend to the cast and crew of Native Gardens. I’ll be taking a week off from the blog next week as the office enjoys a long holiday weekend. #america So I’ll see you all in July!

Thanks for reading my blog!
Because I’m a blogger.
Where does the word blogger come from? Bye.

-Tiffany (@tiff_nav if you are a tweeter)

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